The mission of the eSwatini Bridge Project (SBP) is to promote, encourage, and facilitate the education and technology goals of the Kingdom of eSwatini. We aim to do this by providing resource and technology transfers which can be adapted to suit local conditions. SBP aims to promote the addition of up-to-date technology and strengthen science and technology education at all levels and its continual upgrading in line with developments in science and technology. Our hope is that homegrown Swazi talent will meet the ICT needs of eSwatini instead of having to import that skill set. In short, the SBP’s main objective is to be a resource to the Swazi people for matters of connectivity, technology, and education.

eSwatini Bridge Project Networking Academy Update

In February of 2017 our team began working with Cisco Networks to become a licensed Cisco


NetAcad. In August 2018 we continued dialog and planning with CISCO in Johannesburg, South Africa. In March 2019 we spent 10 days in Cape Town SA receiving basic training and certification in running a CISCO NetAcademy. 

We are proud to announce that as of the 28th of May we received our certification! 


Since 1997 Cisco has trained nearly 10 million people globally. We are becoming one of 11,400 academies in 180 countries around the world. Our accreditation as an academy enables us to offer 21st century digital skills which will prepare Swazis for the 4th Industrial Revolution and become creative problem solvers with the knowledge to control their futures.

Click HERE or the image below see the classes we are currently offering! 

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     Digital inclusion is more than connectivity. Connectivity is critical because it is a requirement for access but true inclusion requires more. In addition to our white space network we are also developing the tools that will empower Swazis to leverage internet access. Physical training sites that offer remote access with mobile first web streaming is one of the tools we are working on. Financial literacy, job training skills, and banking are tools needed for true digital inclusion. The ability for people to create tools on a digital platform is at the cornerstone of our efforts. We feel that this holistic approach will have a generational impact of the people of eSwatini. We are the eSwatini Bridge Project.


Today only 3 in 10 people around the world have regular access to computers and the internet. That means there are 4 billion people who are digitally excluded. On the continent of Africa only 2 in 10 people have access to the medical knowledge, educational resources, and economic empowerment that the internet provides. 


It has been said that knowledge is power, and we have all heard that education is the key to a successful future. The internet is the great equalizer because an uncensored internet contains all recorded knowledge in human history. In the developed world that knowledge is usually found in a pocket or purse on a smart phone. 

03 / GOALS

The internet is more than Angry Birds and Pokemon Go. It is access to medical information, social inclusion, global commerce, and the ability to learn many skills. The internet is the new printing press. The Swazi Bridge Project was created to bridge the digital divide in the Kingdom of eSwatini. By doing so we hope to help the Swazi people empower themselves.

Focus Pillars

- Connectivity

- Device Access

- Digital Literacy

- Solutions


- Hardware

- Software

- Consumer

- Enterprise




Since 2014 our team has been searching for ways we can have a positive long lasting impact on The Kingdom of eSwatini and its people. In 2015 we came to the conclusion that improving the telecommunications infrastructure and providing free access to secure high speed internet would be one way to deliver the change we were looking for. 


By studying the models of Project Isizwe, Microsoft 4Afrika and the work of the Internet Society we were able to develop a winning concept to tackle this big task. By leveraging the experiences of those working to bridge the digital divide, the Swazi Bridge Project has been able to focus on recruitment and the development of technical expertise. 


We are a technology company with a heart for people. We are using white space bandwidth do deliver high-speed internet to the people of eSwatini. Delivering consistent and quality service to the "last mile" is one of the challenges in the developing world. By establishing a network similar to that of netBlazer in Boston, The Swazi Bridge Project is able to deliver unmatched data speeds at 1/5 the cost of running fiber lines. By using directional antennas we are able to overcome geographic challenges such as mountains. Fixed point communication actually allows us to utilize the Swazi landscape as an asset rather than an obstacle.



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