Large WAN project for a rural orphanage

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

As the year 2020 began, the eSwatini Bridge Project received wonderful news.  Project Canaan had organized funding to move forward in creating wifi access throughout their entire property.  The eSwatini Bridge Project team, under Nicholus Steward’s leadership began to implement plans for the deployment of the equipment.

Project Canaan is a part of Heart for Africa whose focus is to provide hope and opportunity for orphans and those living in poverty.  Project Canaan is a campus that houses and cares for around 200 orphans, employs around 300 people, has a successful farm, several trades buildings, medical clinic, office, 3 schools, and much more.  The children range in age from newborns to primary school age.  The farm grows vegetables, has a thriving dairy program, generates dozens of eggs each day, cultivates a variety of animals for meat consumption, and continues to expand its output.  They employ tradesmen that have carpentry skills, metalworking skills, hand-craft skills, and more.  The items created are sold to help continue to fund the various programs found throughout the campus.  The medical clinic takes care of the children on campus and some of the staff.  Currently there is a pre-school, kindergarten, and primary school on campus.  As the children grow in age, they plan to build a high-school as well.  The Project Canaan campus provides food to charity programs in their region and continues to find ways to make a positive impact on the community and the world.  

As a result of its size (over 30 buildings spread throughout 200 hectares), the deployment plan involved wireless 5 gigahertz technology to link the buildings.  Starting in February, the team began to install radios on each building, run cables, set up routers, and more.  As a result of the pandemic, efforts slowed down but the project continued.  Nicholus Steward continued the work during the lockdown, but most days had to work alone. 

After three cell tower climbs, many hours of troubleshooting, and some extra IT help along the way, the campus now has wifi throughout each of its buildings.  This project will better the education, communication, life-style, and reach of everyone that works and lives on campus.  We are so proud to have been chosen for this task.  

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